EntertainmentTennis player discloses his actress spouse's battle with cancer

Tennis player discloses his actress spouse's battle with cancer

Bridgette Wilson-Sampras has been diagnosed with cancer.
Bridgette Wilson-Sampras has been diagnosed with cancer.
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7:57 AM EDT, October 30, 2023

Bridgette Wilson-Sampras, an esteemed American actress and wife of globally renowned tennis player Pete Sampras, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer last December. The 50-year-old powerhouse underwent intensive surgery and exhaustive chemotherapy sessions. Is there any sign of improvement?

Having featured in numerous series and films, you may recognize her from: "Mortal Kombat", "The Wedding Planner", in which she starred with Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Lopez, "House on Haunted Hill", "Billy Madison" featuring Adam Sandler, "CSI: Miami", and "Shopgirl".

In her personal life, Brigette proudly stands as the wife of the renowned tennis legend. The family faced a major ordeal last year. Pete Sampras disclosed the heartbreaking news via an official statement on his ATP Tour social media account. Though he usually keeps his personal life private, this time, felt compelled to share their story.

"The past year was a profoundly challenging one for my family. Last December, my wife Bridgette was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Since then, she underwent significant surgery, she's also had chemotherapy, and is currently undergoing targeted maintenance therapy."

He also provided an intimate glimpse into their emotional journey, stating, "It is painful to see someone you love face such an ordeal. However, observing our sons becoming increasingly supportive of Bridgette and me, and to each other, has truly been uplifting. Seeing Bridgette, despite her illness, remain an outstanding mother and wife, has been a source of strength and inspiration."

Finally, the tennis legend noted that, for a while, he was unable to express his feelings or seek support during these trying times. He invited people to pray for his wife, for her strength and endurance in this journey of recovery.

Bridgette and Pete tied the knot in 2000, after a whirlwind nine-month courtship. They have two sons together, Christian, born in 2002, and Ryan, born in 2005.

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