Local NewsTennessee judge jailed after bond revoked due to positive cocaine tests

Tennessee judge jailed after bond revoked due to positive cocaine tests

Tennessee judge jailed after bond revoked due to positive cocaine tests
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3:39 PM EDT, March 28, 2024

A Tennessee criminal court judge has been incarcerated following the revocation of her bond due to positive cocaine tests while she awaited trial on charges, including coercion of a witness and harassment, while out of custody, reports ABC News.

Judge fails cocaine test

On Wednesday, Tennessee Criminal Court Judge Melissa Boyd was incarcerated after a judge revoked her bond for failing a cocaine test while on pre-trial release. She faced charges related to witness coercion and harassment. Shelby County, Criminal Court records, indicate that Boyd was processed at a Memphis detention facility following the bond revocation in a Memphis courtroom.

Boyd, who assumed office in 2022, is charged with attempting to coerce or influence her ex-campaign manager, Lashanta Rudd, either to lie or to withhold honest testimony in a legal proceeding, according to the indictment. The nature of the proceeding in question is not detailed in the indictment.

Furthermore, the indictment alleges Boyd's interactions with Rudd were intended to harass or intimidate her. Boyd has entered a plea of not guilty to the charges. Boyd's suspension came in May, following allegations of making threats to an individual, exploiting her judicial position to solicit funds, and engaging in substance abuse. These allegations also involve a request for school donations through a social media post, where Boyd is pictured in her judge's robe.

As part of her release terms, Judge Melissa Boyd was required to submit to drug testing and refrain from drug use. After Boyd tested positive for cocaine on two occasions in March and missed another scheduled drug test, prosecutors requested the revocation of her bond, according to court filings.

Source: ABC News

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