NewsTen-hour battle: Israeli forces gain control of strategic Hamas stronghold

Ten‑hour battle: Israeli forces gain control of strategic Hamas stronghold

IDF in the Gaza Strip
IDF in the Gaza Strip
Images source: © IDF
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3:56 PM EST, November 9, 2023

After an intense battle that spanned over 10 continuous hours, both underground and above ground, Israeli forces succeeded in taking control of a significant Hamas stronghold.

The outpost, known as "post 17", is situated in the western part of Jalabiya, in the northern section of the Gaza Strip. An army spokesperson indicated that the entrance to the tunnels was located near a kindergarten.

Military stockpile discovered, alongside numerous tunnel shafts

These confrontations resulted in the deaths of members from Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

Details regarding any Israeli casualties have not yet been released.

During this operation, a military arsenal was uncovered. In addition, several tunnel shafts were found, one of which was situated dangerously close to the kindergarten. This tunnel led to a substantial underground network. Essential intelligence materials were also secured during the operation.

Earlier reports from the Israeli armed forces highlighted the strategic presence of Hamas in public spaces, including mosques and schools. A rocket launcher was even detected beneath a sports field.

"In the course of the ground operation in the Gaza Strip, we have demolished approximately 130 tunnel shafts belonging to the Palestinian terrorist organization, Hamas," announced the Israeli armed forces on Wednesday, as quoted by the Times of Israel.

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