NewsTel Aviv roars with hundreds demanding release of hostages after tragic IDF blunder

Tel Aviv roars with hundreds demanding release of hostages after tragic IDF blunder

Protests in Tel Aviv after the accidental killing of hostages
Protests in Tel Aviv after the accidental killing of hostages
Images source: © Getty Images | Alexi Rosenfeld

12:39 PM EST, December 16, 2023

According to the Times of Israel, the protesters marched towards the headquarters of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). They were heard chanting, "Their time is coming to an end! Release them!" and "There will be no victory until every hostage is freed!"

Demonstrations flood Tel Aviv

Earlier on Friday, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, an IDF spokesperson, disclosed that during confrontations in Gaza, Israeli soldiers had unintentionally shot and killed three Hamas hostages who had either escaped or had been left behind by terrorists.


The hostages were mistaken as a threat by Israeli soldiers, leading to them being shot and killed on the spot. As stated by the spokesperson, suspicions about the identities of those killed arose immediately after the shooting. Their bodies were swiftly sent to Israel for examination, where they were identified as the hostages.

The Times of Israel points out that the anguish among the family members of the hostages has intensified in recent days, following reports suggesting the government is withholding from initiating proposals for a deal with Hamas regarding the prisoners.

Such hesitation is attributed to the belief that only ongoing IDF operations in the Gaza Strip will compel Hamas to return to negotiation, presenting an offer that Israel might accept.

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