NewsTeacher jailed for 8 years in UK child abuse scandal

Teacher jailed for 8 years in UK child abuse scandal

Pedophilia scandal on the islands. Teacher slept with a 10-year-old boy
Pedophilia scandal on the islands. Teacher slept with a 10-year-old boy
Images source: © North Yorkshire Police

7:49 AM EDT, June 9, 2024

61-year-old Denise Povall was sentenced to eight years in prison after being found guilty of molesting a 10-year-old boy. The police described her actions as a "wicked and prolonged campaign of sexual abuse."

A huge pedophilia scandal has shaken all of Great Britain. The teaching assistant initially befriended the 10-year-old boy by buying him gifts and sending text messages. She established a bond with the boy and then began to sexually abuse him.

The crimes occurred in the year 2000, when Povall worked at a school in the Harrogate area. The victim was so traumatized by the events of his childhood that he only reported them to the police as an adult.

What we found can only be described as evil. It was the continuous sexual exploitation of a small child by a pedophile. (...) The boy (editor's note) showed incredible courage in coming forward, especially considering the common misconception that women do not commit such offenses - said Detective Alison Morris from North Yorkshire Police.

Prosecutor Soheil Khan, who led the case, said the boy was deeply manipulated by the adult woman. "He always wanted to be with Denise Povall and thought it was love."

The 61-year-old was charged with seduction, encouraging sex with a child, inciting sexual activity with a child, and sexual assault by touching. During police interrogation and the trial, she denied all the charges. The woman did not plead guilty nor express remorse for the sexual offences.

On Friday, June 7, Povall was found guilty of all the charges against her. The court sentenced her to 8 years of absolute imprisonment. The woman will also be registered as a sex offender.

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