NewsTeacher, accused of exploiting a minor, exonerated amidst tears

Teacher, accused of exploiting a minor, exonerated amidst tears

When the matter came to light, the teacher was immediately suspended.
When the matter came to light, the teacher was immediately suspended.
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7:32 PM EST, November 25, 2023

Ellie Pattison, a 29-year-old teacher, was accused of exploiting a 14-year-old student by allegedly engaging in sexual relations with her. Accusations include having sexual intercourse and sending obscene videos to the minor. A verdict has recently acquitted Pattison of these charges, an outcome she had been anticipating for several years.

It was alleged that Pattison engaged in sexual activities with the student on two occasions – in a car and at a friend's house. According to the accusations, the student was repeatedly kissed and touched by Pattison during their interactions outside school.

Pattison was overwhelmed with emotion, breaking down in tears when she was legally absolved of the sexual exploitation charges.

The court in Hove, UK, heard allegations that the teacher had sent the student an obscene video featuring herself. Both parties were supposedly planning to install cameras in their bedrooms for nocturnal observations.

Pattison was alleged to have exchanged numerous intimate text messages with the student. One such message reportedly contained Pattison's yearning to "lie in her arms and feel her breathe".

It was also suggested that Pattison proposed arranging hotel meetings, if the student could convince a friend to vouch for her overnight absences.

The student purportedly responded with declarations of unwavering love, expressing her desires to marry Pattison, have children with her, and to spend their lives together.

It was reported that Pattison referred to the 14-year-old as her "girl".

Teacher's relationship with a teenager brought to light by partner

At the time of the incidents that led to the court proceedings, Pattison was a 23-year-old teacher's assistant in East Sussex. She was also involved in a romantic relationship.

During the court hearing, the teenager tearfully affirmed that Pattison had reciprocated her feelings. The student revealed that Pattison had assured her of their serious relationship. The illicit relationship was exposed when a friend of the student observed her kissing Pattison in a car.

School authorities promptly suspended Pattison. Upon discovering Pattison's relationship with the teenager, Naomi Tregear, Pattison's partner at the time, reported the "inappropriate relationship" to the police. According to Tregear, when confronted about the extent of her sexual involvement with the student, Pattison confessed to having gone "too far".

Ultimately, Pattison was acquitted of all charges related to engaging in sexual activity with a minor.

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