EntertainmentTaylor Swift: music megastar or Pentagon's puppet? Uncloaking the conspiracy theories

Taylor Swift: music megastar or Pentagon's puppet? Uncloaking the conspiracy theories

Taylor Swift is not a secret Pentagon project.
Taylor Swift is not a secret Pentagon project.
Images source: © Instagram: taylorswift | Marcelo Endelli
7:08 AM EST, January 13, 2024

Taylor Swift currently stands as one of the biggest pop music stars globally. Her concerts on The Eras Tour sell out rapidly. Swift's fans attribute this to her extraordinary talent and years of dedication. However, skeptics and conspiracy theorists seek to unravel a hidden plot behind her success.

Is Taylor Swift a Government Experiment?

The suspicion about Taylor Swift was aired on Fox News. Host Jesse Watters, on his program "Jesse Watters Primetime," suggested that the artist is a puppet of the Pentagon's psychological operations, intending to use Taylor's fanbase to rally support for President Joe Biden. Watters questioned, "Is Swift fronting for a covert political agenda?" He answered, "Of course, we don't have any concrete evidence - if we did, we would share it. But our curiosity remains."

Watters theorizes that Swift's fame is a product of her collaboration with the government. The sudden surge in her popularity is allegedly linked to the Pentagon's supposed plan to use Taylor as a persuasive tool in NATO meetings.

Pentagon's Response

The response to Jesse Watters' speculation was swift. The United States Department of Defense spokeswoman, Sabrina Singh, addressed Watters' claim during a press conference. In her response, Singh cleverly incorporated some of Taylor Swift's song titles. She said, "For this conspiracy theory, we're simply going to shake it off (a reference to a Taylor Swift song - editor's note). However, it does highlight the importance of Congress approving our additional budget request as swiftly (Taylor Swift pun intended) as possible so we can get out of the woods (another reference to a Taylor Swift song - editor's note), regarding potential financial difficulties."

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