EntertainmentTaylor Swift fan's rejection of concert proposal sparks viral debate

Taylor Swift fan's rejection of concert proposal sparks viral debate

Proposal at Taylor Swift's concert. She said "no," now she's explaining herself.
Proposal at Taylor Swift's concert. She said "no," now she's explaining herself.
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7:48 PM EDT, June 21, 2024

Most Taylor Swift fans would do anything for a proposal at their idol's concert. However, one girl who experienced this rejected her partner.

The idea of the perfect proposal depends on personal taste. Some expect an expensive ring, others dream of a trip to Paris with a view of the Eiffel Tower, and some dream of a proposal at Disneyland. People often also propose at concerts of their favorite artists during songs that are significant to them. This last option is particularly controversial. Public proposals can have unexpected consequences, and not always positive ones.

Louisa Melcher decided to explain why she chose to reject her partner when he proposed to her during "Love Story." The girl's confession faced massive criticism.

She rejected a proposal at a Taylor Swift concert. she has to explain herself

"Love Story" is a standard proposal song in Taylor Swift's repertoire. When the artist sings: "He knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring. And said, 'Marry me, Juliet. You'll never have to be alone. I love you and that's all I really know,' " lovers kneel and ask for their partner's hand in marriage.

This is exactly what Louisa Melcher's boyfriend decided to do during a Taylor Swift concert in Liverpool. However, he did not expect Louisa to decline. Once the commotion around the failed proposal had settled down, she explained her motives.

Louisa further digs herself into a hole with her explanation. She said she isn’t even a big fan of Taylor Swift and that the song "Love Story" "isn't even saved in her Spotify." "Did you really just choose this song because a lot of people on TikTok do?" she asked.

Comments under the video criticize Louisa's approach. "I rarely say this, but he deserves someone better." "I'm a girl and I don't understand this." "If he's truly the love of your life, why on earth would you care about how the proposal looks?" "Sorry, girl, you're on your own..." "If this isn't a red flag, I don't know what is." "Do you realize that the 'Eras Tour' costs a lot of money, right?" "If I were him, I'd run while I still had the chance."

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