LifestyleTake from the kitchen cabinet and add a little to the coffee. It will work as a slimming drink

Take from the kitchen cabinet and add a little to the coffee. It will work as a slimming drink

What can you add to coffee?
What can you add to coffee?
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1:08 PM EDT, October 23, 2023

When it's cold, rainy, and gloomy outside, coffee tastes better than ever when drunk in good company and warm conditions. There is also a simple way to give this popular black beverage extraordinary properties, namely - it helps in shedding excess pounds. Here's how to combine pleasure with usefulness!

The 21st century has already provided us with so many studies on coffee that need to explain that this beverage, of course, drunk in reasonable quantities, is not harmful but rather the opposite, verges on scandal. However, as great fans of coffee, we like to do it anyway. So let's remind ourselves again: coffee is a powerful antioxidant that supports brain function, and prevents depression, diabetes, and liver cancer. Therefore, everything that is bad in coffee is harmful additives, which should indeed be avoided like the plague.

However, this does not mean that coffee can't be a little... enhanced. As it turns out, one simple spice can make our beloved beverage not only stimulate us to action and facilitate focus, but also support us in the weight loss process. Impossible? But true!

Coffee for weight loss?

About 0.011-0.014 ounces per day of caffeine contained in coffee does not negatively affect the human body, and thanks to it, we gain nearly 7,000 different (including the famous flavonoids) health-promoting compounds. In addition, coffee contains almost no calories. Does this mean that it helps with weight loss in itself? It definitely doesn't hinder it, but that may be a bit of an overstatement.

That's why, to the black brew, instead of various (and in the vast majority - unhealthy) additives like sugar, milk, cream, or flavor syrups, it's better to add one natural spice, which not only positively affects the weight loss process, but it also seasons the drink and makes it delicious.

One ingredient, a lot of possibilities

When it comes to weight loss, turmeric turns out to be an essential spice for coffee. All it takes is a pinch of this powder for the drink to gain new and extraordinary properties. Of course, this isn't a question of any magic, but of thoroughly researched chemistry.

Turmeric as a fat burner. This coffee will also be delicious!
Turmeric as a fat burner. This coffee will also be delicious!© Canva

The substance found in turmeric that positively affects weight loss is curcumin. It acts as a natural fat burner, but only under certain conditions: it needs to be heated, and it's best served with an addition of piperine (pepper) and fat, which aid absorption. That's why, paradoxically, it's a good idea to add a bit of... butter to such coffee. It's also worth enriching the beverage with a pinch of cinnamon. It will be even tastier and even healthier!

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