NewsTaiwanese voices: Facing threats from China and economic struggles

Taiwanese voices: Facing threats from China and economic struggles

Taipei, the capital of Taiwan / illustrative photo
Taipei, the capital of Taiwan / illustrative photo
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10:06 AM EDT, May 21, 2024

The war with the People's Republic of China, the specter of Russian influence, and the difficult economic situation are problems that Taiwanese residents face every day. What do they think about their country's situation, and how do they perceive changes in the world? A "Fakt" reporter asked the Taiwanese about this.

The specter of a Chinese invasion, the global situation, and finally, the economic crisis—these are the problems that the residents of Taiwan have to face every day.

A "Fakt" journalist visited the famous flower market in Taipei (the capital of Taiwan) to talk live with the residents. While interviewing the local population, he did not shy away from difficult and uncomfortable questions.

The Fakt reporter asked how the possible alliance between the Chinese leader and Russia is perceived in Taiwan and whether the island's residents fear a conflict with the People's Republic of China.

Some openly complained about the divisions arising from the country's historical changes. They also emphasized that they are aware of the possibility of war breaking out almost at any moment.

The entire responsibility now falls on the new government to build better relations with China and avoid any ideological confrontation and escalation, - said one of the interviewees.

Among the younger generation, national distinctiveness turned out to be an important aspect.

In Europe, you think that Taiwan is united with China. But for me and many young people, it's clear that we are Taiwanese and live in Taiwan. There may be some cultural ties, but we are two separate countries, — explained a young woman living in the south of Taiwan in an interview with Fakt.

Most interviewees seemed to be following the situation in Ukraine, but some opinions about the situation in Eastern Europe may seem surprising. One florist believes that an alliance with Putin is not a bad thing and that the situation between China and Taiwan is the result of U.S. propaganda efforts.

There is some form of democracy in Russia, not like in North Korea, - they said with conviction.
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