NewsTabby Brown found dead. She used to date football stars

Tabby Brown found dead. She used to date football stars

The photo features Tabby Brown.
The photo features Tabby Brown.
Images source: © Instagram | Tabby Brown

1:01 PM EDT, October 17, 2023

Media in the UK reported on Tuesday about the passing of 38-year-old "Playboy" model Tabby Brown. In the past, the woman was romantically involved with two renowned soccer players - Mario Balotelli and Raheem Sterling. The public has not yet been informed about the cause of the woman's death.

The news of Brown's death was confirmed in a conversation with "The Sun" by the model's former agent. English media do not report the direct cause of the 38-year-old's death. In an article published by "The Sun", there was only a mention of a "tragic death", but the newspaper's reporters do not provide any details on the subject.

The world of football first heard about Tabby Brown in 2011, when she began a seven-month relationship with known bad boy, Mario Balotelli. The 21-year-old Italian was playing in Manchester City in England at the time.

The couple met during a party at a nightclub, which Balotelli was a frequent visitor of. According to Brown's account, the footballer was supposed to invite her to acquaintances on Facebook, and then persuade her to go on a date.

The couple's idyll didn't last too long. Brown and Ballotelli broke up in November 2011. The model confessed to "The Mirror" that she found out about the child, which Ballotelli had with his ex-girlfriend. In the opinion of Brown, the Manchester City footballer was partying with other women during their relationship, which ultimately led to their breakup.

Tabby Brown made headlines again in 2016 when it was revealed that she had a "hotel date" with another Manchester City player, Raheem Sterling. The alleged affair between Brown and Sterling piqued the interest of the English gossip press.

"The Sun" reports that the model and footballer's meeting took place a few weeks after Sterling purchased a property in Wilmslow in Cheshire county worth around 4.8 million dollars, where he moved in with his current wife, Paige Milian.

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