EntertainmentSydney Sweeney's revolting 'Euphoria' scene: real vomit, hard work, and why season 3 is delayed

Sydney Sweeney's revolting 'Euphoria' scene: real vomit, hard work, and why season 3 is delayed

Sydney Sweeney filmed a disgusting scene. You can see it in the second season of "Euphoria".
Sydney Sweeney filmed a disgusting scene. You can see it in the second season of "Euphoria".
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10:29 AM EST, January 30, 2024

"Euphoria", a series that has sparked many emotions and controversy, unfolds over two seasons on HBO Max. The series offers a narrative of teenage life far removed from the scenarios often depicted in traditional American high school series. It delves into the everyday life of characters like Cassie, Jules, Rue, and Nate, revealing a milieu of parties, alcohol, substance abuse, and identity issues amid a backdrop of school corridors.

The role of Cassie Howard fell to Sydney Sweeney, who rose to the occasion. She recalls, however, that it wasn't always an easy ride on set. The series is ripe with challenging scenes and uncomfortable moments. She shared one rather unpleasant instance during the "Hot Ones" program.

How is vomiting portrayed in "Euphoria"?

Sweeney described one scene as "the most disgusting experience I've ever had". She was referring to a sequence in a jacuzzi where she portrayed a drunk Cassie vomiting while submerged in hot water.

The director’s objective was to present as authentic a representation as possible. Hence, the habitual movie vomit - a concoction of leftover food, water, and milk - proved insufficient. Sweeney explained, "You just load it into your mouth, hold it, then vomit."

In the pursuit of a more realistic effect, director Sam Levinson opted to attach a tube to Sweeney's body. This tube would administer chunks of food directly into her mouth, simulating vomit. "Sam wanted the vomiting to be everywhere. During the scene, my mouth was continually filled with 'vomit’. Every time I opened my mouth, it would spew out", Sweeney revealed.

The details may sound harrowing. Those interested can hear the actress recount her experience of filming the scene in the fifth minute of the linked interview below.

A revolting scene from "Saltburn": did you catch it?

Another disquieting scene worth noting involves Jacob Elordi, who portrays Nate in "Euphoria". The controversial scene in question, set in a bathroom with a bathtub as the focal point, comes from "Saltburn" by Emerald Fennell.

Euphoria - Cassie throws up in the hot tub (S02 E04)

Ellie Harrison from "The Independent" describes it thus: "In one of the most-discussed scenes, a lecherous trespasser, played by Barry Keoghan, known as Oliver Quick, slurps bathwater remnants from the drain just minutes after the dashing aristocrat, Jacob Elordi's Felix Catton, had bathed in the same tub."

When can we expect the third season of "Euphoria"?

The provocative scenes are part of what the "Euphoria" audience loves about the show. While they eagerly await the next installment of the series, a quick premiere isn’t forecasted.

According to Franceska Orsi, Chief of Drama Films and Series at HBO, the third season of "Euphoria" will not reach HBO Max until 2025 due to strikes that have impacted the American film industry in recent months.

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