LifestyleSwiss hotel's 'meet by the bathroom' napkins cause stir online

Swiss hotel's 'meet by the bathroom' napkins cause stir online

Nobody expected such napkins.
Nobody expected such napkins.
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9:52 AM EST, January 22, 2024

In most fine dining settings, patrons can expect standard table arrangements: appropriate plates, cutlery, glasses, and a napkin. The latter could be either fabric or disposable. However, the Tschadun restaurant at the Allegra Hotel in Switzerland decided to differ from the norm by printing a questionnaire on their regular napkins, aiming to facilitate potential matrimonial plans between guests. Some of the listed options on the napkin, however, have sparked serious controversy.

The unexpected napkin

The photograph of this unique napkin was uploaded to Reddit. It includes spaces for guests to fill in their names, zodiac signs, favorite music, and interests. Furthermore, guests can select from a series of options to complete the phrase, "I'd like to meet you...," offering an array of choices.

While options like meeting for coffee, a drink, dinner, or at the theater seemed acceptable, one peculiar choice - "by the bathroom in 10 minutes" - generated substantial controversy.

Internet users react

The unusual meet-up place suggested by the last option left internet users bemused and puzzled. Comments ranged from finding it an "interesting" idea but "weird" to expressing concern about someone choosing such an option without prior conversation.

Others voiced that, under certain circumstances this could be an intriguing choice, but one that needed to be taken with a pinch of humor. One user suggested that opting for the old-fashioned approach - scribbling a phone number on a regular tissue - might still be the best method.

Source: The Sun/Reddit

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