TechSwedish vehicles in Ukraine. The Camouflage that makes them 'invisible'

Swedish vehicles in Ukraine. The Camouflage that makes them 'invisible'

CV90 vehicle in Ukraine.
CV90 vehicle in Ukraine.
Images source: © X | Euromaidan Press

3:40 PM EDT, November 3, 2023

Increasingly, pictures of the Swedish CV9040C vehicles are emerging online. They are cloaked in a unique camouflage that complicates their detection by enemy systems.

The presence of the CV9040Cs from Sweden was first documented in the Bachmut region in the concluding weeks of June this year. Although Ukrainians have not been frequently publishing recordings and photos featuring these machines, sporadic materials prove that the CV90s are actively deployed at the frontlines.

Some of the freshest images from Ukraine showcasing the imported Swedish machines date back to the final days of October. They were circulated by the @praisethesteph profile on platform X while attributing them to a video by @kipikipi40 on TikTok. The images clearly exhibit the noticeable Barracuda MCS camouflage of CV90, making the combat vehicles a challenging target for enemy firepower.

Of particular interest is that some of these vehicles are designed for desert warfare. The distinctive camouflage color is not a coincidence, considering a portion of the CV90s dispatched to Kyiv had previously been engaged in the Afghanistan conflict.

The Barracuda MCS camouflage is an evolved form of masking net, courtesy of Saab's innovation. The manufacturer has integrated technology ensuring the reduced detection of camouflaged vehicles by enemy sensors. Barracuda minimizes the thermal signature of the vehicle it camouflages, consequently inhibiting enemy guidance sensors from locating their target. This makes it virtually impossible for even laser-guided missiles to identify concealed units.

According to Saab, the Barracuda camouflage offers protection even while the vehicle is in motion. It eliminates any gleams on the surface of the disguised vehicles while hiding heated surfaces. The camouflage's color scheme is flexible and contingent on the location where the vehicle will be deployed.

CV90 in Ukraine with Barracuda MCS camouflage.
CV90 in Ukraine with Barracuda MCS camouflage.© X | @praisethesteph

The Swedish CV90

The CV9040C is a variant that kick-started its production cycle in the '90s. It is renowned for its fortified armor, delivering protection during an assault involving 20 mm caliber ammunition. The CV90s come fitted with a ceramic-kevlar armor of the hull and MEXAS turret, in addition to superior optics compared to the primary version.

To counterbalance the increased mass of the vehicle attributed to the reinforced armor, a powerful engine that generates up to 680 HP is embedded. The chief weapon of the CV90 is a Bofors 40 mm cannon or automatic Bushmaster gun measuring 30 or 35 mm in caliber, depending on the variant.

CV90 in Ukraine with Barracuda MCS camouflage.
CV90 in Ukraine with Barracuda MCS camouflage.© X | @praisethesteph
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