SportsSwedish soccer star Wernbloom apologizes for playing in Russia

Swedish soccer star Wernbloom apologizes for playing in Russia

In the photo: Pontus Wernbloom
In the photo: Pontus Wernbloom
Images source: © Getty Images | Carlos Rodrigues

5:06 PM EDT, May 24, 2024

During his soccer career, Pontus Wernbloom played for CSKA Moscow. Now, the Swedish player has decided to apologize to his compatriots for playing in that country, surprising many with his confession. His words elicited a strong reaction from the Russians, particularly from one journalist who was merciless in his response.

In July 2021, Pontus Wernbloom decided to end his soccer career. Throughout his career, he represented the Swedish club IFK Göteborg, the Dutch club AZ Alkmaar, the Russian club CSKA Moscow, and the Greek club PAOK Thessaloniki.

The Swede spent most of his time in Russia, where he played from 2012 to 2018. During this period, he won three national championships with CSKA, which allowed him to play in the Champions League.

Recently, the 51-time Swedish international gave an interview to the newspaper "Aftonbladet." In the interview, he apologized to his compatriots for playing in the Russian league and made a shocking confession regarding the moment he signed the contract.

- During the negotiations for my transfer, we drank vodka, which also played a role - said Wernbloom.

His words quickly reached Russia, causing quite a commotion. Dmitry Guberniev, a well-known TV presenter, decided to respond.

- Pontus earned a lot of money in Russia, money he wouldn't have gotten anywhere else. I feel sorry for him because he's just a liar and a hypocrite. This is an attempt to whitewash himself. And will he tell everyone that he used drugs? - replied the Russian in an interview with
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