LifestyleSwedish airline SAS introduces enigmatic 'Destination Unknown' flights to surprise loyal customers

Swedish airline SAS introduces enigmatic 'Destination Unknown' flights to surprise loyal customers

The new SAS offer has appealed to travelers.
The new SAS offer has appealed to travelers.
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7:21 AM EST, February 16, 2024

Scandinavian Airlines, known as SAS Airlines in Sweden, introduced a novel mystery flight into its scheduling, aptly named "Destination Unknown".

A journey into the unknown

SAS offered these unknown destination tickets exclusively to members of the EuroBonus loyalty program. This club is comprised of individuals who frequently travel with this Swedish carrier. The flight will depart from Copenhagen on April 5th and return to the Danish capital three days later on April 8th.

Passengers will remain in suspense regarding their destination until they board the flight. They were informed that the flight would last a few hours during the ticket purchase. The precise destination will be revealed at an estimated time during the flight via an announcement from the cabin crew. Travelers warmly applauded this unconventional concept. Nearly a thousand individuals expressed interest.

- The chance to set off on a thrilling and enigmatic journey with fellow enthusiasts and potential new friends is truly exhilarating - stated Paul Verhagen, Commercial Director and Executive Vice President of SAS.

Surprise journeys

The concept of surprise travel has already been adopted by another European airline. Lufthansa, a German airline, has introduced a similar scheme.

The company provides travelers the option to select a home airport and an overall vacation category (e.g. shopping, beach chilling, museum tours, etc.). The actual destination is only unveiled to the passengers after they pay for the trip. Any surprise bookings cannot be altered or canceled.

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