NewsSweden grapples with mystery drones over key sites amid NATO talks

Sweden grapples with mystery drones over key sites amid NATO talks

Alarm in Sweden. "Mysterious flying objects" spotted.
Alarm in Sweden. "Mysterious flying objects" spotted.
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11:55 AM EDT, March 10, 2024

Mysterious drones have been spotted hovering over a nuclear power plant and an airport in Sweden, prompting investigations by the police. Magnus Christiansson, a specialist from the Swedish Defense University in Stockholm, suggests that this activity could be linked to Sweden's potential membership in NATO.

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Between Friday evening and Saturday morning, drones were observed flying over sensitive areas in Sweden, including the Barsebäck nuclear power plant and Malmö airport. Similar reports of "mysterious flying objects" emerged from Svedala and Ystad, the latter being a location of strategic importance due to its port.

The incidents were reported to both the police and the Swedish Armed Forces, according to TV4 Nyheterna.

The authorities are currently investigating whether a foreign state, specifically Russia, might be involved. "First, we will thoroughly analyze the situation; thereafter, conclusions will be drawn," said a local police spokesperson.

Sara Andersson has stated that violations of both the security and aviation acts have been formally reported.

Sweden's NATO membership: Does it pose a greater risk?

Magnus Christiansson, representing the Swedish Defense University, provided insight into the situation, suggesting that these drone sightings could be tied to Sweden's involvement with NATO.

"There is a distinct threat linked to the current international political landscape," Christiansson told the public broadcaster SVT Nyheter.

"Using drones in this manner may be seen as a cost-effective and straightforward method to instill fear and draw attention following Sweden's NATO membership," he explained. He also warned that similar incidents could be expected in the near future, highlighting an ongoing conflict where Russia is known to employ various tactics.

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