EntertainmentSustainable tourism in Copenhagen: Enjoy discounts with CopenPay

Sustainable tourism in Copenhagen: Enjoy discounts with CopenPay

Copenhagen encourages tourists to adopt eco-friendly behaviors
Copenhagen encourages tourists to adopt eco-friendly behaviors
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6:52 PM EDT, July 10, 2024

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is popular among tourists. The city has decided to cater to those who choose to visit sustainably.

Denmark's Copenhagen is a popular tourist destination, though it's also one of the most expensive cities in Europe. To ease the financial burden for tourists who opt to visit sustainably, the city has introduced the CopenPay program. Participation is simple: just make climate-friendly choices during your vacation in Denmark's capital.

CopenPay for sustainable tourism in Copenhagen

Tourists can earn discounts on popular attractions and free coffee, meals, and ice cream. These rewards can be claimed by picking up litter, volunteering in a city garden, cycling instead of driving, and committing to other sustainable behaviors.

Twenty-four city attractions, including the Copenhagen Museum, have signed up to participate in the program. Here, you can get a free cup of coffee by purchasing an admission ticket if you arrive at the museum on foot, by bike, or by public transportation. Simply take a photo of your "green action" and show it to the reception staff upon entry. You’ll receive a coffee voucher that can be used the same day at the popular museum café.

At GreenKayak, you can rent a kayak for free in exchange for helping keep the harbor clean. While paddling, simply collect any waste you see on the water and share your experiences on social media.

As for free food and drinks, at BaneGaarden, you can get an organic meal if you collect litter and help protect Danish nature. You can also claim free ice cream at the National Museum or a free cold drink at the Level Six Rooftop Bar and Terrace. The promotion includes beer, wine, or a soft drink, which you can enjoy while admiring the stunning views from the terrace. CopenPay is available for tourists until August 11.

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