NewsSuspected arson disrupts power at Tesla's European Gigafactory

Suspected arson disrupts power at Tesla's European Gigafactory

Tesla plant evacuation in Germany
Tesla plant evacuation in Germany
Images source: © via Getty Images | SeanGallup
8:42 AM EST, March 5, 2024

The news outlet "Bild" reports that the outage has affected not just the factory but also the nearby city of Erkner and parts of Berlin.

An earlier fire at a power pylon caused significant disruption to the region's power supply. "The police reported this morning that firefighters were dispatched to a blaze in the Gossen-Neu Zittau area around 11:15 PM ET and began efforts to extinguish it," according to "Stern" magazine's website.

"Bild" also mentions that bomb disposal units have been called in.

Tesla's Gigafactory in Germany

Tesla's Gigafactory in the vicinity of Berlin was inaugurated in March 2022. Constructed at approximately $5.5 billion, it is anticipated to employ 12,000 people. The factory aims to produce half a million electric vehicles annually. Thanks to its state-of-the-art production processes, the facility can assemble an electric car in just 10 hours.

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