LifestyleSurviving Playboy: Crystal Hefner sheds light on life with Hugh and exposing mansion's secrets

Surviving Playboy: Crystal Hefner sheds light on life with Hugh and exposing mansion's secrets

Crystal Hefner was the last wife of the "Playboy" founder.
Crystal Hefner was the last wife of the "Playboy" founder.
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7:12 AM EST, January 20, 2024

Initially known as Harris, Crystal Hefner was one of the renowned Playboy bunnies living in Hugh Hefner's famous mansion before becoming his last wife in 2012.

In her book "Only Say Good Things: Surviving Playboy and Finding Myself", published in January this year, she recounts her life by the millionaire's side. She also disclosed further details in her recent conversation with People magazine.

Crystal Hefner discloses her husband's last request

Hugh Hefner died at his Los Angeles residence on September 27, 2017, 91. As Crystal Hefner revealed in an interview with People, he had two final requests: "I want you to continue my legacy, and I want to remind you only to say good things about me."

At first, she fulfilled his request, but she eventually decided, like the other bunnies, to share the truth about Hefner, and his request became the title of her recent book.

She told People that she thought she had made it when she first moved into Hefner's mansion. "I assumed that I was his favorite since I liked what he liked and I was doing what he expected of me. I was, but I lost myself in the process," she admitted.

Hefner's rigid expectations for his women

In the interview, she also revealed the challenging aspects of life with the millionaire. According to her, Hefner had specific expectations of women, including how they used the money he gave them to enhance their looks. For example, their nails could only be neutral, and even French manicures were disallowed. Crystal also wasn't allowed a belly button piercing, which Hefner deemed tacky.

He insisted his women wear Playboy logo T-shirts despite, according to Crystal, their cheap, uncomfortable quality. She also highlighted Hefner's obsession with hair, criticizing the slightest regrowth.

"I was forced to bleach my hair, resulting in a burned scalp and blisters. For some reason, I thought that was normal as it meant being beautiful for Hef," she recounted.

She also painted a less-than-glamorous picture of the famous mansion, describing it as a neglected, mold-infested ruin worn out from excessive parties. "I felt like I was always crying back then, for everyone and everything," she said. "It was all an illusion and I don't know if I ever felt genuine happiness there."

Crystal recalled refusing Hefner's first marriage proposal and fleeing with the son of American celebrity Dr. Phil McGraw. However, the relationship didn’t last, and she returned to Hefner. She confessed that she never truly loved him and ended up playing the role of his carer in his final years.

"I became aware of the profound power imbalance I was dealing with. It seemed like a world of success and fantasies, but everything comes at a price. Here, it was having to sleep with an 80-year-old," she concluded.

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