NewsSurvey reveals: only 10% of Europeans predict Ukraine's victory in conflict with Russia

Survey reveals: only 10% of Europeans predict Ukraine's victory in conflict with Russia

Survey reveals: only 10% of Europeans predict Ukraine's victory in conflict with Russia
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6:18 AM EST, February 22, 2024

The survey results were reported in "Wars and Elections: How European leaders can maintain public support for Ukraine", published by the European Council on Foreign Relations.

Survey participants from 12 European countries, including Poland, were asked about the "most likely outcome of the war between Ukraine and Russia."

After adjusting figures from 12 countries, only 10 percent of participants expected "Ukraine's victory." In contrast, 37 percent anticipate a "compromise" between the two nations. Another 20 percent predict that "Russia will win".

Twelve percent of respondents did not select any proposed answer, while 22 percent replied, "I don't know/I have no opinion."

The greatest optimism regarding Russia's victory can be found in Poland, Sweden, and Portugal (17 percent each choosing the answer "Ukraine wins").

Meanwhile, most advocates of "Ukraine's compromise with Russia" are in southern Europe (Greece - 47 percent, Spain - 44 percent, Italy - 43 percent).

The highest level of fear regarding Russia's victory is found among residents of Hungary (31 percent), followed by Greece (30 percent) and Spain (21 percent).

Ukrainian Conflict: What should be Europe's course of action?

The survey further questioned respondents on "the appropriate actions Europe should adopt towards the Ukrainian conflict."

After collating responses from 12 countries, 31 percent of Europeans advocate, "Europe should support Ukraine in regaining territories occupied by Russia." The strongest support for this view is found in Poland (50 percent), Sweden (48 percent), and Portugal (47 percent).

Conversely, 41 percent think that "Europe should steer Ukraine towards negotiating a peace treaty with Russia" (Greece - 64 percent, Hungary - 59 percent, Italy - 52 percent).

A total of 11 percent of Europeans did not endorse any of the proposed solutions, and 17 percent of them replied, "I don't know/it's hard to decide."

- While most Europeans ardently wish to prevent Russia's victory, they don't have faith in Kyiv's ability to secure a military win - remarks Mark Leonard, co-author of the study.

Source: "Gazeta Wyborcza"

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