LifestyleSurprise during wedding. Everyone was shocked

Surprise during wedding. Everyone was shocked

The couple didn't expect such a joke.
The couple didn't expect such a joke.
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11:31 AM EDT, November 3, 2023

An internet-famous wedding video features a chef presenting a spectacular cake, followed by an unexpected surprise that garners shocking reactions from the newlyweds.

Internet personality Joey Salads posted the wedding video. A condensed version uploaded to Instagram features a man dressed as a chef, delivering an impressive three-tier cake decorated with a figurine of a young couple.

Food Wasted at a Wedding

The man suddenly trips at one point, falling flat on his face in the cake. The couple watched in shock, their eyes wide and hands clutching their heads.

The "chef" compounded the shock factor. He began eating the cake right from the floor instead of standing up and clearing the mess. Wedding guests observed the spectacle with uneasy smiles.

Observant guests began to speculate if this was a staged prank. Their guess was correct. The "chef" was actually a well-known online prankster, and the fallen cake was intentionally prepared for this jest.

The wedding hall was quickly tidied up after this incident. The actual cake, beautifully decorated with flowers and fruits, was brought in. The newlyweds cut the cake amidst the guests and posed for a commemorative photo with the prankster.

The prank video made rounds not just on Instagram but also on YouTube. It invited a wave of comments across social media platforms, with diverse opinions on the prank. While some found the situation hilarious, many users criticized it as an unnecessary waste of food and a potential wedding spoiler.

It is still a waste of food, not really surprising
Imagine someone pulling off a prank like this at your wedding. I'd be fuming - reads one of the comments.
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