FoodSupercharge your breakfast: How adding turmeric to your oatmeal can boost your health

Supercharge your breakfast: How adding turmeric to your oatmeal can boost your health

Add a spoonful to your oatmeal. Your body will thank you.
Add a spoonful to your oatmeal. Your body will thank you.
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10:23 AM EST, January 26, 2024

Oats are a powerhouse of essential nutrients. Oat flakes contain B vitamins, vitamin E, calcium, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, and ample fiber, providing a thorough cleansing for your intestines. Preparing oatmeal is simple and it can be served in countless ways. If oatmeal is part of your daily breakfast, consider adding a teaspoon of a particular spice. You will thank yourself in no time.

The essentials of preparing healthy oatmeal

In supermarkets, there are three oat flake varieties to choose from — mountain, regular, and instant. Both mountain and instant oats undergo extensive processing, resulting in a loss of some of their valuable nutrients. Regular oats are the healthiest of the lot. Preparation may take slightly longer, but the end result will be more nutritious.

The way you cook your oatmeal is critical. Most people boil it in milk for about 10-15 minutes until it turns creamy. However, cooking can cause oats to lose most of their essential nutrients. Experts suggest soaking the oats in hot water or milk. Within a few minutes, the oats will absorb all the liquid and keep all their nutritional goodness intact. To get the most out of your oatmeal, consider this method of preparation.

Add a teaspoon of spice to your oatmeal. Feel the effects after just a month

Oatmeal on its own doesn't pack many calories. Cooked flakes only round up to about 60 kcal. Adding milk, yogurt, peanut butter, or nuts will increase the caloric value, while also supplying you with additional calcium, protein, and healthy fats. You shouldn't shy away from these ingredients as they contribute to your balanced diet.

Want to take the nutritive value of your oatmeal up a notch? Try stirring in a teaspoon of turmeric. This golden spice will give your oatmeal antioxidants that combat free radicals involved in the development of serious diseases, including cancer. Turmeric also boasts anti-inflammatory properties and supports the proper functioning of the immune and nervous systems. A spoonful of turmeric in your oatmeal can help warm you from the inside and supply your body with beneficial nutrients. You may start noticing its positive health effects after only a month.

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