LifestyleSummer wardrobe essentials: Expert tips on fabric choices, underwear, and flattering necklines

Summer wardrobe essentials: Expert tips on fabric choices, underwear, and flattering necklines

What mistakes do we make in summer stylings?
What mistakes do we make in summer stylings?
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1:19 PM EST, February 13, 2024

While fashion often encourages imaginative freedom, there are basic guidelines to follow. This is particularly true for summer fashion, which requires careful attention. Firstly, consider the type of fabric. Clothes need to be breathable and able to absorb moisture during the sweltering summer months.

"Avoid choosing dresses and blouses made from synthetic fabrics. Personally, I always check the fabric composition on the label. Natural is best, especially on hot days," advises Dorota Wolff. As a result, prioritize your comfort and opt for cotton, linen, silk, or viscose.

Steer Clear of White Underwear

Starting with the basics, underwear plays a significant role in summer outfits. We all know that black or red underwear under white pants is a fashion faux pas. Yet, white underwear also tends to show under light-colored clothing, which are commonly worn during the summer. So, what's the solution?

"Choosing the right underwear is paramount in summer. Investing in seamless, nude underwear is ideal, as it blends well with light or transparent fabrics. Moreover, nude underwear goes with everything," suggests the expert.

Tips for Plus-Sized Women

Are there specific guidelines that plus-sized women should follow? There are style tricks that can create a slimming illusion, such as wearing vertical stripes. However, some clothing choices can sabotage these efforts.

"To achieve a slimming effect, avoid shiny fabrics (especially in light colors) and oversized patterns. Plus-sized women should also steer clear from tent dresses," advises Dorota Wolff.

Picking the Right Neckline for a Larger Bust

So what about necklines? During the summer, the water-type neckline can be a fun choice but is generally more flattering on smaller busts. For those with larger busts, it might be best to avoid this style. But, is there a universal neckline that would suit everyone?

"A V-neck is universally flattering. This type of neckline, known as the 'V' neckline, elegantly accentuates busts of all sizes and has a slimming effect on the neck," shares the dress expert in her chat with WP Woman.

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