LifestyleSummer solutions for women: Tips to prevent thigh chafing

Summer solutions for women: Tips to prevent thigh chafing

Many women have the same problem in the summer. That's why they give up skirts.
Many women have the same problem in the summer. That's why they give up skirts.
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5:49 PM EDT, June 7, 2024

Many women give up wearing skirts and dresses in the summer. Why? The problem is quite common. It’s about thighs chafing against each other. How can you deal with this unpleasant condition without giving up your favorite clothes? We have a few tried and tested tricks.

The problem of chafing thighs can be very bothersome, and irritating delicate skin is easy. However, there are ways to prevent this. Many of these tricks can be tried using products you probably already have at home. It doesn't hurt to try.

Wearing special bands

A popular solution is notable thigh bands. It’s worth choosing models with silicone strips that prevent them from slipping down. These bands can be found in most stores that sell tights and stockings.

Using biker shorts

An exciting alternative is biker shorts, which have been gaining popularity lately. Celebrities often pair them with loose T-shirts and men's blazers. Biker shorts can also be worn under long skirts or dresses; it's best to choose shorts in neutral colors that remain almost invisible under clothing.

Also, pay attention to the material. It’s worth choosing breathable and natural fabrics—especially on hot days.

Antiperspirant and baby powder

A simple and inexpensive way to avoid chafing is to use a roll-on antiperspirant to reduce sweating. Then, it’s worth using baby powder, which absorbs moisture and protects the skin from irritation.

Moisturizing creams, petroleum jelly, and baby oil

Other home remedies include moisturizing creams, petroleum jelly, or baby oil. These products create a protective layer on the skin, preventing chafing. You can also use dry shampoo or a mattifying primer. Just apply it to the inner thighs before leaving the house.

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