NewsSummer lawn care: Tips for lush, green grass all season long

Summer lawn care: Tips for lush, green grass all season long

What to do to make the lawn look beautiful?
What to do to make the lawn look beautiful?
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5:11 PM EDT, June 6, 2024

Fertilizing your lawn is undoubtedly very important. Thanks to this, the blades will be intensely green, and you won't see burnt patches on the grass. What exactly should you do to have a beautiful lawn? Just keep a few simple rules in mind.

Some people believe a garden lawn must only be watered and mowed occasionally. Unfortunately, this thinking is incorrect. It is not enough to enjoy a beautiful lawn.

Proper lawn fertilization is necessary. The key times are spring, summer, and fall.

In the summer, the lawn really needs fertilizer. What products should you choose?

Summer is not the best time for liming, as it can disrupt the growth of your lawn and sometimes even cause dry patches that will just mar the garden, advises the website

In the summer, the lawn mainly needs minerals, especially nitrogen. Nitrogen is responsible for the intense green color of the grass and supports healthy and fast grass growth. Additionally, the grass needs potassium, phosphorus, and calcium during summer.

How to fertilize the lawn? Here are the key rules

What should you keep in mind to ensure your lawn looks beautiful in the summer?

  1. Fertilizers from garden stores should be distributed evenly;
  2. Mown grass can be left on the surface - this will help replenish nitrogen deficiencies;
  3. You can try nettle slurry - the liquid should be diluted with water at a ratio of 1:10 and applied once a month;
  4. You should ensure a slightly acidic soil pH (5.5 - 6.5).
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