NewsSugar in meat and sausages. Is it necessary and safe?

Sugar in meat and sausages. Is it necessary and safe?

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Illustrative photo
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11:40 AM EDT, October 6, 2023

It goes without saying that it's worth avoiding sugar in our daily diet. Many people resent the fact that this substance is available in almost every product, even in meat and cold cuts. But perhaps its presence matters in this case?

As stated by the service, sugar is a very important ingredient during meat preparation. This especially refers to ham, sausage, and bacon. It is used in the process of pickling.

"Sugar as a Preservative"

Experts in tasty meats and sausages know well that sugar aids in preservation, as it stimulates the process of lactic acid bacteria production. The slightly acidic environment created by this "wards off" rotting bacteria.

Furthermore, there is no need to add sugar in its pure form. Back in ancient Egypt, sweet honey was often used to preserve meat products. One can also choose an alternative to white sugar. Great options for instance are brown sugar or cane sugar.

You can also reach for beet sugar, or so-called sucrose, for glucose, or for the previously mentioned honey. It's important not to forget to use this ingredient when preparing a curing brine. Thanks to it, the meat will ripen faster. As for the dosage of sugar, it is worth using proportions of about 0.11-0.18 oz of this sweet ingredient per 2.2 lbs of meat or sausage mass (one teaspoon can hold 0.18 oz of sugar).

It is worth remembering one caveat. Although different types of sugar are allowed in brine, you should not use powdered sugar. This can accelerate the production of the aforementioned lactic acid too much.

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