NewsStuffed bears with anti-war inscriptions scatter across Russia

Stuffed bears with anti-war inscriptions scatter across Russia

Someone is scattering stuffed animals with inscriptions opposing the war in Ukraine in Russia.
Someone is scattering stuffed animals with inscriptions opposing the war in Ukraine in Russia.
Images source: © Telegram
6:06 AM EST, November 5, 2023

In Tyumen, situated almost at the center of Russia, a peculiar resistance is fluttering. Plush bears carrying anti-war messages have been found scattered across the city. This is a protest against the military action in Ukraine and the conflict that was ignited by Vladimir Putin months ago. Investigative agencies are still unsuccessful in finding the individual(s) behind this protest.

Russia is a country that is as captivating as it is daunting. However, it's a mistake to assume that all Russians unquestionably trust the authorities and Vladimir Putin. While the opposition operates covertly, well-fenced by intelligence agencies, there are people who have an unbiased view of the world.

The state propaganda pushed over the years isn't accepted by everyone. Some of Vladimir Putin's actions are viewed as commendable and noble by most, irrespective of whether it involves sending thousands to their death or sanctioning bombings of civilian targets in Ukraine.

Still, there are some in Russia who view Putin's actions as sheer malevolence.

While most Russians affirm their support for Putin and his 'special military operation' in Ukraine through polls, there are also people who buck the trend to voice their resistance to the war. This intriguing display of dissent is happening in Tyumen, a city in central Russia closer to Kazakhstan than its capital, Moscow.

In Tyumen, someone is dispersing stuffed bears inscribed with the message, "No to war". As reported by local media, these teddy bears can be found in public transportation or shopping complexes. The person behind this protest must be taking a courageous risk, considering that disapproving of the war in Ukraine can lead to a prison sentence in Russia.

'No to war' - this message adorns plush bears across Russia.

Surely, local authorities are intent on identifying and punishing the individual(s) behind this. Clearly, in Putin’s Russia, defiance of the leader is unacceptable. The media, controlled by the government, purposefully broadcasts such incidents to wield the sentenced individuals as propaganda tools post-conviction.

Such small dissenting acts like dispersing plush bears can lead to long periods of imprisonment. It might sound amusing, but it reveals the grim reality of Russia. Its citizens are well aware of the unchecked authority of Putin and his allies.

They experience firsthand the disillusionment from the empty promises of the Kremlin authorities. The Russian people are painfully realizing the hard reality of war on a daily basis. An instance is the wife of a volunteer soldier, who unveiled the truth about the army's situation and expressed her dissatisfaction. She complained that the promised payment was not provided by the army...

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