NewsStrikes in Belgorod: The escalating conflict at Russia's border

Strikes in Belgorod: The escalating conflict at Russia's border

Russians in fear. Another attack in the Belgorod Oblast.
Russians in fear. Another attack in the Belgorod Oblast.
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2:22 PM EDT, March 31, 2024
Further attacks in Russia: Online photos reveal the impact of strikes on a village in the Belgorod region
On Sunday, around 10:00 AM Eastern Time, the Belgorod region of Russia experienced another attack, as reported by the Nexta portal. This strike targeted a village in the Grayvoron area, with photos surfacing online to show the aftermath.

Pre-dawn attack leaves Russians in fear

In the early hours, the Belgorod region was rocked by sirens. According to the Russian National Defense Ministry, the attack was launched by Ukrainian forces. "Our air defence systems managed to intercept ten missiles in mid-air," the ministry announced.

The strike resulted in the destruction of a private home, with missile debris scattering across roads and sidewalks.

Clashes along the Russia-Ukraine border continue

Since March 12, conflict has persisted in Russian territories adjacent to Ukraine, involving Putin's forces and Russian volunteers aligned with Kyiv. Among these groups are the Russian Volunteer Corps, the Freedom of Russia Legion, and the Siberian Battalion, all claiming control over areas like Tiotkino in the Kursk region and Gorkovsky in the Belgorod region.

In 2023, the Belgorod region also found itself under fire from Ukrainian forces, responding to Russian attacks on civilian areas in Ukraine. On December 30 of the previous year, air raids resulted in over 20 fatalities and over 100 injuries among the residents of Belgorod.

Source: Telegram/PAP/X/WP/Nexta/TASS
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