LifestyleStormy Daniels recounts alleged affair with Donald Trump in court

Stormy Daniels recounts alleged affair with Donald Trump in court

Stormy Daniels testified in court about her acquaintance with Donald Trump.
Stormy Daniels testified in court about her acquaintance with Donald Trump.
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7:24 PM EDT, May 8, 2024

Stormy Daniels provided a detailed account in court regarding her alleged intimate encounter with Donald Trump. Recalling the incident, she testified, "I wasn't expecting to see him there, especially minus a lot of clothes," reflecting on her supposed affair with the former US president.

Currently, Donald Trump is facing a trial in the United States. The accusations against the former president involve the falsification of business documents to conceal payments of about $130,000, which were made to Stormy Daniels, who is now 42. It is alleged that Trump paid the former adult film actress to prevent her from disclosing their affair.
Prosecutors argue that Trump hid these payments back in 2016, right before the elections, to sidestep a potential scandal. They highlight that such concealment is against the law. The court has now heard from Stormy Daniels herself, who shared her story without holding back any details.

He greeted her in pajamas

Daniels recounted meeting Donald Trump in 2006 at a celebrity golf tournament. At the time, she was unaware of the identity of the man she encountered. She noted that Trump commended her intelligence upon learning about her directorial work in several film productions.

When Trump acknowledged Daniels' intellect for the second time, his security guard hinted that he wanted to have dinner with her. Initially reluctant, she eventually agreed to the proposition.

They met in a luxury hotel overlooking Lake Tahoe, where Trump appeared in a satin pajama set.

She felt "the room was spinning in slow motion"

Later on, Daniels found herself in Trump's suite. When she inquired about his wife, Melania, he casually mentioned that they don't share the same bedroom. He then showed her a magazine featuring his photo on the cover, which prompted a notable reaction from Daniels.

"I took it from him and I swatted him with it … right on the butt," the 42-year-old continued.

Subsequently, after visiting the bathroom, Daniels returned to find Trump dressed only in a shirt and boxers, sitting on the bed. She hadn't anticipated such a development.

"I had that moment where I felt the room spun in slow motion. I felt the blood leave my hands and my feet like you do if you stand up too fast. I was just like, ‘What did I misread to get here?" she confided in court.

This confession led to intimacy between her and Trump despite her attempts to leave. Following this detailed account, the judge requested certain parts of the testimony be struck from the record. Meanwhile, Trump's attorney ardently sought to dismiss the trial, but without success.

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