Tips&TricksStop greasy hair: How doubly washing and warm water can beat the oil

Stop greasy hair: How doubly washing and warm water can beat the oil

Oily hair may be related to mistakes in washing.
Oily hair may be related to mistakes in washing.
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7:54 PM EST, December 17, 2023

A bad hair day can happen to the best of us, regardless of the level of hair care. The real problem begins when, just a few hours after washing, your hair turns oily. Suddenly, it doesn't look its best, and no hairstyle seems right. Neither frustration nor strong words will improve things—you need a better solution.

Why does your hair become oily?

Many women who are conscious about their looks experience this problem. Especially during the winter, our hair is susceptible to damage from the low temperatures. Furthermore, hats can exacerbate the issue; once you remove them, your hair tends to become oily and electrified. So, if you've been using dry shampoo more frequently this season, the cold weather could be damaging your hair's condition.

However, if your hair becomes oily, irrespective of the season, there could be multiple causes. It's important to examine your lifestyle and health; it might be useful to get blood tests to eliminate potential health issues. Oily hair could be a sign of a deficiency in certain vitamins that you might need to replenish to resolve the problem.

An additional common reason for greasy hair is inappropriate care. Unsuitable hair care products and improper use could be causing an oily scalp. In such situations, there is one decisive action you can take.

How to care for oily hair?

Washing your hair involves more than just applying shampoo and conditioner, then rinsing them off hastily. It should be a thorough process conducted with care, so rushing isn't advisable. First, selecting the correct water temperature is crucial - it should never be hot! High temperatures stimulate the skin to produce more sebum, which contradicts your goal.

Warm water is much more suitable as it closes up the hair cuticles and doesn't irritate the scalp. When applying shampoo, it doesn't mean you need a large amount to create foam. It's advisable to mix a few drops of shampoo with water in a container and shake it to form a frothy mixture. This will effectively cleanse the scalp of sebum and dead skin cells.

One common mistake that many people make during the shampoo application process, that leads to oily hair, is a single lathering. It's recommended to shampoo your hair twice; the first lather can be considered a pre-wash, while the second one improves the hair's overall condition.

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