Local NewsSteve Buscemi attacked in daylight: NYC's surge in violence continues

Steve Buscemi attacked in daylight: NYC's surge in violence continues

Steve Buscemi was attacked on the street
Steve Buscemi was attacked on the street
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11:31 AM EDT, May 13, 2024

The actor, now in good health, was rushed to the hospital after being attacked in Manhattan. "He is yet another victim of the city's random acts of violence," commented Buscemi's spokesperson.

Steve Buscemi encountered a random assault in New York City. On Sunday, "The New York Post" reported that the actor was walking on the East Side of Manhattan when he became the victim of an unexpected attack in broad daylight. His spokesperson confirmed the incident, ensuring Buscemi is well after the ordeal.

"Steve Buscemi became a target in Manhattan, underscoring the city's surge in random violence," reads the statement from Buscemi's agent. "Thankfully, he was unharmed and is touched by everyone's support, though he feels a deep sorrow for others who have faced similar dangers on New York's streets."

Buscemi's experience is not isolated; Michael Stuhlbarg, a co-star in the HBO series "Boardwalk Empire", was struck by a stone in the neck last March. The New York Police arrested Xavier Israel in connection with Stuhlbarg's attack. Other New Yorkers like actor Rick Moranis and reality star Bethenny Frankel have also been victims of unforeseen attacks.

On Sunday, a New York police spokeswoman informed "The Hollywood Reporter" that no details could be provided about the incident. Nevertheless, "The New York Post" revealed that the perpetrator managed to escape and remains at large. According to "The Post", authorities are on the lookout for a bearded man in a baseball cap, blue T-shirt, and black sweatpants.

Born in Brooklyn, Buscemi is celebrated as an independent cinema icon, recognized for his unique looks and distinctive voice across his roles. Launching his career in the 80s, Buscemi has worked with notable directors like Quentin Tarantino and the Coen brothers, starring in "Pulp Fiction", "Fargo", and "The Big Lebowski". He has also made a recent appearance on the HBO series "Curb Your Enthusiasm".

Before gaining fame, Buscemi served as a firefighter in New York City. After September 11, 2001, he temporarily rejoined the fire service to aid in the rescues.

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