LifestyleStep into Carnival season with Y2K-inspired stilettos and animal prints

Step into Carnival season with Y2K‑inspired stilettos and animal prints

The most fashionable stilettos for a carnival party.
The most fashionable stilettos for a carnival party.
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12:13 PM EST, January 30, 2024, updated: 4:38 AM EST, March 7, 2024

Days filled with dancing and fun lie before us! The carnival season offers a fantastic opportunity to meet up with friends and flaunt fashionable ensembles. An essential component of party attire is, of course, high heels. These seemingly innocent shoes boast an intriguing history. French designer Roger Vivier, who created the first pair of haute couture for Dior, is revered as their inventor. Shortly after their inception, stilettos became popular among the social elites, counting Princess Grace Kelly and Empress Soraya of Iran among their admirers. Today, women likely own at least one pair of stilettos, wearing them to work or parties. But what models are ruling this season?

Snakes, zebras, panthers, and leopards

Undeniably, animal prints reign supreme. Designers love to incorporate them into both summer and winter collections. Roberto Cavalii is a fashion designer who delightfully incorporates animal prints into his collections. While such motifs are considered universally appealing, new color variations continue to emerge. Current trends are dominated by stilettos featuring a panther print in vibrant shades of green, navy blue, and stark monochrome models. Of course, the classic leopard or snake print stilettos persist. These specific prints might seem to demand a simple accompaniment, like a little black dress. But that's not true. You can daringly partner them with a dress in lemon, fuchsia, and gold hues.

Medal-worthy stilettos: gold and silver

During Carnival, the perfect complement to a costume would be elegant stilettos made of metallic material in gold, silver, or platinum. Models with an asymmetrical front and a slightly square heel—a nod to the 60s and 70s fashion—are particularly sought after. Those embracing unusual combinations might pair iridescent shoes with maxi jewelry, for instance, a long chain necklace or a chunky baroque-style bracelet. For gold or silver stilettos, smooth black, white, or red dresses never fail. To elevate your style further, consider cocktail creations in less popular shades, such as bottle green, lavender, veri peri, or navy blue. If you prefer coordinated looks, pair silver stilettos with a matching headband. This enhances the shoe's color and lends a truly regal touch to your look.

Crystals for the glamour effect

What is it about sparkling crystals that captivates everyone? First, they beautifully refract and reflect light. This charm captivated designers such as Christian Dior, Alexander McQueen, and Jimmy Choo. Crystals can be used freely, not just in jewelry but also in footwear. For Carnival, we suggest black, beige, white, or navy blue stilettos with refined detail. They perfectly match cocktail dresses adorned with pearls and sequins or white skinny trousers paired with a silk shirt. Glamour heels complement leather blouses with puff shoulders, metallic miniskirts, or a simple black dress. Paired with a flowing white tulle dress, they take on a romantic appeal.

Colorful stones in Y2K style

Not only sequins or denim dominated the trends inspired by the early 2000s, but also shimmering stones. These stones could be any color - from pink and green to white, purple, and light blue. You'll relate to this trend if you recall the famous shoes with toes decorated with diamond flowers and leaves. Today's rendition of millennial fashion is slightly more understated, but the extravagant shapes persist. Take, for example, silver leather stilettos adorned with transparent stones. Complement them with other elements of the Y2K style, like a baguette bag and a bug motif brooch. Other suggestions include blue stilettos featuring a bouquet or black stilettos studded with pastel sparkles. You can dance until dawn in such shoes and experience an unforgettable carnival party.

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