LifestyleSteam straighteners: The less damaging choice for sleek hair

Steam straighteners: The less damaging choice for sleek hair

What do you need to know about a steam straightener?
What do you need to know about a steam straightener?
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12:46 PM EST, February 7, 2024, updated: 4:02 AM EST, March 7, 2024

Having a straightener is important to many women, as it can tame even the unruliest hair in a brief span of time before leaving the house. However, constant use can lead to damaged hair. Many people are already aware of the importance of protecting hair with a heat protectant before straightening it.

Less damaging steam straighteners are also available on the market. So, what's essential to know about this device? Let's answer the basic questions.

How does a steam straightener work?

A steam straightener, as the name implies, straightens your hair using steam. This device seems ordinary, but it has a heated water reservoir. The heat makes the water evaporate via the plates with slits to steam the hair, straightening and smoothing it. You use it on individual strands as you would with a traditional straightening iron. A single filling of the water tank should be enough for a straightening session lasting about 15-25 minutes. However, those with extremely thick and long hair might need to add more water during the process.

Steam straightener versus regular straightener

A traditional straightener tends to be slightly thinner and smaller. A steam straightener, due to its water reservoir, is somewhat larger. The traditional one has smooth plates, whereas the steam straighteners have slits and often a comb, which detangles your hair while you straighten it. These distinctions are closely linked to the devices' design: heated plates straighten hair in one, while steam does the job in the other. That's essentially the difference in how they work.

Benefits of a steam straightener

Compared to a traditional straightener, it is believed that using a steam straightener regularly will cause less damage to your hair. The major advantage is that your hair won't dry out, as you're not only dealing with heat but also with steam. Additionally, steam reduces the frizz and static in your hair. Women reap immediate benefits of smoother, sleeker hair. Moreover, according to reviews, using a steam straightener is significantly quicker. A single swipe on a hair strand achieves perfect results. Importantly, the straight hair effect can last several days for individuals who don't need to wash hair frequently.

Picking the right steam straightener

When choosing a steam straightener, we recommend considering a few factors. The power is crucial – the more powerful, the quicker it warms up. Second, check the material of the plates. Ideally, they should be made of ceramic or titanium. Another beneficial feature is the manual temperature control, which you can adjust to suit your hair's condition.

It's worthwhile to invest in a steam straightener with an ionizing function, which helps your hair achieve exceptional smoothness. Even better results can be obtained by straighteners that have a special keratin tank. The keratin boosts the strength and shine of your hair.

Price of a steam straightener

A steam straightener is typically more expensive than a customary straightener. However, it has numerous advantages and is safer for hair. As such, many women feel that it's worth the additional cost. Prices range from a few hundred to around 1,300 PLN (approximately 330 USD), depending on the brand and added features. These can be found in larger electronics stores.

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