Tips&TricksStealthy feline causes holiday havoc: Can you spot the cat hidden in the Christmas tree?

Stealthy feline causes holiday havoc: Can you spot the cat hidden in the Christmas tree?

The Christmas tree is attacked by a cat.
The Christmas tree is attacked by a cat.
Images source: © Freepik, TikTok | ri-in, tiktokthepark
8:39 AM EST, December 23, 2023

Having a cat, particularly a young one, is a real test for the owners. Comparable to a small child, the pet brims with relentless curiosity, constantly wanting to explore everything by touching, tasting, and experiencing. The sight of a tall Christmas tree sparkling with shiny ornaments is irresistibly inviting to a cat, especially if it's their first encounter with the festive spectacle. While it might be impossible to prevent the cat from investigating the tree, the ensuing damage can be mitigated through clever preparation.

Spot the cleverly camouflaged cat in the Christmas tree

A TikTok user, who goes by the name "tiktokthepark," decided to give the world a glimpse into her daily life. In one of her videos, her Christmas tree mysteriously begins to move. This isn't caused by supernatural forces, but a regular, fluffy intruder with a dream to play. Interestingly, the cat is so perfectly hidden that you would need an eagle's eye to spot it. Let's see if you can meet this challenge.

Amongst the white ornaments, the cat's previously invisible silhouette begins to move, blending seamlessly with the decorations. The kitten has set his sights on the shimmering baubles, eager to knock them down. His owner's lack of surprise suggests this isn't her pet's first adventure up the tree.

Discouraging a cat from climbing the Christmas tree

Not all owners have the patience or willpower to prevent their cat from climbing the festive fir. The obvious solution of restricting the pet's access to the room generally fails, as cats are experts at slipping through the slightest cracks in doors, and wreaking chaos on the Christmas tree. To prevent this, here are some useful tricks. First, spray the ornaments with lemon juice. Cats despise the smell of citrus and will instinctively avoid the tree. Vinegar works in a similar way, although, as its smell repels humans too, it may not be a practical solution.

Furthermore, the tree should be firmly anchored and tied to prevent the animal from knocking it over. Besides causing a mess and potential damage, the falling tree could also put the cat's life in danger. A transparent fishing line is an effective mitigation measure, which can be secured to a curtain rod or radiator. Additionally, keeping the tree lights on permanently can irritate the cats and dissuade them from attacking the tree.

The cat is playing with the ornaments on the Christmas tree.
The cat is playing with the ornaments on the Christmas tree.© Freepik
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