Entertainment"Starsky and Hutch" star David Soul's tough battles on and off screen. Fame, family strife and failing health

"Starsky and Hutch" star David Soul's tough battles on and off screen. Fame, family strife and failing health

David Soul appeared in the series "Starsky and Hutch".
David Soul appeared in the series "Starsky and Hutch".
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2:39 AM EST, January 6, 2024

David Soul began his career as a singer. Initially, he obscured his identity by performing masked. However, when he eventually unmasked himself, his fans lost interest. Consequently, Soul transitioned into acting. His breakthrough came with his role as a policeman in "Magnum Force", where he starred alongside Clint Eastwood. His exceptional performance caught the attention of renowned producer Aaron Spelling, who proposed a role in the TV series "Starsky and Hutch". Aired from 1975-1979, the series secured his enduring fame. Soul portrayed Detective Kenneth "Hutch" Hutchinson. However, life in Hollywood was not all glamour.

"It was incredible when I moved from New York to Los Angeles in 1966. The ocean, mountains, oranges, sunshine, and movies created this magical atmosphere. But over time, the superficial relationships, based on who you knew or what you were doing, and the world of wealth and privilege... it started to consume me from within," he recalled in an interview with "The Sunday Times".

In the early 90s, Soul relocated to Great Britain. His finances were not generous. Firstly, he traded his royalty rights to his iconic series for a one-off payment of $100,000. Then, he invested his savings into non-profit "mission" documentaries addressing issues like groundwater levels in the Midwest US and indigenous American land rights. Additionally, he had struggled with alcohol addiction for many years and led a somewhat hedonistic lifestyle.

Despite receiving offers to participate in various reality shows, he always declined.

"Nowadays, everyone is a celebrity, and frankly, there's nothing to be excited about. I prefer living my real life," he stated in an interview.

Soul's personal life was tumultuous. He was married five times and faced accusations of abusing his third wife, Patti, in the early 80s. He expressed remorse over his actions until the end of his life. As part of his rehabilitation journey, he frequented prisons and worked with those convicted of domestic violence.

After retiring, Soul's health began spiraling. He had a hip replacement, cervical disc prosthesis insertion, spinal surgery, and a cancerous tumor removed from his left lung. He battled with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease until his death. He died in London on January 4th at the age of 80.

"David Soul, a cherished husband, father, grandfather, and brother, has passed away after a courageous fight for life, surrounded by his loving family," his wife Helen stated in a report.

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