EntertainmentStars remember Ryan O'Neal: "I could barely look at him"

Stars remember Ryan O'Neal: "I could barely look at him"

Ryan O'Neal and Barbra Streisand were the stars of the movie "What's Up, Doc?"
Ryan O'Neal and Barbra Streisand were the stars of the movie "What's Up, Doc?"
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8:47 PM EST, December 9, 2023

Ryan O'Neal passed away at the age of 82 on December 8. The actor, renowned for his role in the movie "Love Story," left behind a host of mournful loved ones. Other stars have also expressed their fond memories of him, lauding his irresistible charm.

Ryan O'Neal is principally remembered for his role in the romance film "Love Story," where he played Oliver Barrett, a Harvard law student who falls in love with Jenny Cavilleri (Ali MacGraw), a woman from a different socio-economic background. The actor left us at the age of 82 on December 8, 2023.

Barbra Streisand, an American celebrity who co-starred with O'Neal in the comedy "What's Up, Doc?" in 1972, mourned his passing. The two first met at a party in 1970 and their relationship bloomed soon after. Streisand depicted her association with O'Neal in her book "My Name is Barbra".

"I liked him, and he sought my number. Our relationship that ensued was a refreshing experience for me... it felt comfortable and free," we read in the actress and singer's autobiography. Streisand paid tribute to O'Neal in her Instagram post. Overcome with grief, she wrote, "I'm distraught to learn about Ryan O'Neal's passing. He was humorous and endearing. He will be remembered".

Mia Farrow, another co-star from "Peyton Place," shared memorable moments with Ryan O'Neal on her Instagram post. She confessed that she found his charm irresistible.

"He exuded confidence and had an extraordinary sense of humor! There were moments when he made me laugh so hard we had to halt filming. He was my first clandestine crush. My shyness rendered me incapable of looking at him... In the 70s, he served as the godfather of one of my children" - Farrow wrote.

The late actor's family also grieved his loss. His son Patrick O’Neil took to Instagram to share his heartfelt message, "This is the most difficult news I've ever had to break, but let's begin. My dad passed away peacefully today, surrounded by his loving team who supported him just as he loved us. My father, Ryan O’Neal has always been my hero," Patrick revealed.

Tatum, O'Neal's daughter, also recalled her father, admitting to the complexities of their relationship. In an interview with "The Hollywood Reporter," she revealed that O'Neal resented her winning an Oscar for "Paper Moon," a movie in which they both starred. Lighting a somber tone, she admitted "My father's passing fills me with sorrow. He was my universe. Despite the challenges, I loved him dearly, and I know he felt the same about me," in a conversation with People.

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