NewsStalker made family's life a living hell. "I lived like a rat"

Stalker made family's life a living hell. "I lived like a rat"

The stalker from Września stood before the court.
The stalker from Września stood before the court.
Images source: © YouTube | Łukasz Różanski
6:17 AM EDT, October 6, 2023

The nightmare of a family from Września (Poland) began several years ago. A stalker, disguising himself as a horror movie character, would arrive at their apartment with a hammer or bat, threatening the household with death. The man finally ended up in the dock.

It all started three years ago. Residents of the apartment block on Kościuszki Street in Września lived their daily lives in real-life horror. An unknown man in a mask would approach their doors, wearing the same type of mask as Jason Voorhees from the "Friday the 13th" horror series.

A stalker targeted a particular family. As reported by the portal, he banged on their doors, scrawled death threats on them. He was also known to throw glass bottles and bricks at their balcony. On one occasion, he slashed a woman's car tires parked in the residential area and damaged the bodywork, another time he tried to get into the apartment with a knife.

The residents of the place targeted by the maniac installed a camera in the peephole to gather evidence against him in a harassment case. They managed to record the masked aggressor approaching the apartment, among others things, with a hammer and a club.

Finally, it was determined that the stalker is Daniel P., who lives in the same neighborhood. It is unknown why he was harassing the family. According to the victims' account, they had no disputes with the man.

A masked stalker was harassing the family. He stood before the court

A man from Września was detained at the start of last October. He was accused of making criminal threats and damaging property worth 4850 PLN. The accused does not plead guilty.

On September 28, the trial of Daniel P. began in the District Court in Września. During the hearing, his victims made moving confessions.

"I lived like a rat in a cage. Since December 2019, I had blinds installed that were down until November 2022. Only after media intervention and law enforcement authorities, when it turned out that the defendant had been arrested and was in isolation, did my apartment see the light of day," said harassed Danuta T., quoted by
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