LifestyleStages of death, NY geriatrician unveils what our bodies endure in the final hours

Stages of death, NY geriatrician unveils what our bodies endure in the final hours

The doctor describes four stages of our body's dying process.
The doctor describes four stages of our body's dying process.
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6:57 AM EST, January 11, 2024

The body’s reaction at the time of death varies depending on our physical state, particularly if it involves illness or chronic conditions. However, certain common aspects result in the gradual shutdown of our bodies.

Firstly, there is a decrease in blood pressure, which, according to Dr. Palace, can lead to visible pallor.

The fingers may feel cold or turn blue. If a pulse is detectable, it will likely be feeble - shared Dr. Palace.

Breathing is another significant aspect; it tends to slow down progressively. In cases of disease, irregular breathing patterns can expedite the dying process.

Loss of Consciousness with an Alert Brain

After these stages is the loss of consciousness. However, the degree of consciousness loss remains subject to scientific debate.

Subjects may experience periods of restlessness or disorientation. If not, they tend to lose consciousness gradually. As this occurs, individuals often remain oblivious to their mouth and throat functions, which can result in loud, yet unhindered, heavy breathing - reads a piece by Dr. Kathryn Mannix, a palliative care physician, in 'Science Focus' magazine.

Perhaps the most fascinating aspect involves the brain's functionality during this process. It seems that initially, the brain is still receptive to sounds.

The evidence suggests that the brain of a dying individual continues to respond to sounds even when unconscious, up until the final hours of life - explains Dr. Palace.

Dr. Palace further elaborates that the brain responds to ambient sounds even in a near-death, unconscious state. Yet, what meaning a dying person attributes to music or noise remains a mystery to the scientific community.

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