EntertainmentSquid Game 2: Netflix Reveals Premiere for Awaited Sequel

Squid Game 2: Netflix Reveals Premiere for Awaited Sequel

A still from the TV series "Squid Game"
A still from the TV series "Squid Game"
Images source: © Netflix

6:40 AM EDT, April 20, 2024

It's been three years since the premiere of "Squid Game," the series that became a massive hit during the pandemic. Netflix has confirmed it. The second season is coming, and the filming is already wrapped up. The streaming giant has just unveiled when we expect the new episodes to drop.

"Squid Game" ingeniously reimagined the trope of corrupt billionaires seeking new thrills through depraved entertainment. It revolves around the Korean elite, who assemble 456 financially distressed individuals and invite them to compete in a tournament for a chance to win 45 billion won, approximately $38 million. The catch? The games are based on children's play but with a deadly twist: losers are executed on the spot.

Business is flourishing

By September 2021, the series had captivated 140 million users, surpassing "Bridgerton's" records and making a sequel to "Squid Game" an essential move for Netflix. The company's CEOs shed light on this during their quarterly shareholder meeting.

In an interesting turn, Netflix reported gaining nine million new users in the first three months of 2024, pushing its subscriber count to nearly 270 million worldwide. Its revenue hit $9.4 billion, with an operating income of $2.6 billion.

Premiere dates

One of the most eagerly awaited announcements at the Netflix shareholder meeting was this year's premieres. Fans can look forward to the second season of "The Night Agent," the final season of "Cobra Kai," and "Squid Game 2," all set to release in the latter half of the year.

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