TechSpyNote attacks Android. It can record yout phone calls

SpyNote attacks Android. It can record yout phone calls

Phone conversation
Phone conversation
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3:43 PM EDT, October 21, 2023, updated: 4:45 AM EDT, October 23, 2023

Android users are exposed to many dangers, one of them being the SpyNote banking trojan. The software pretends to be a phone software update, and once it is downloaded, it can cause a lot of damage, including accessing data and even recording conversations.

The issue is brought up by the Ghacks service. Like most other harmful Android programs, SpyNote requires certain permissions to operate, which it will ask the user for at some point. If the person can be manipulated to grant the necessary access, SpyNote will eventually be able to record sound, phone conversations and read other data among other things. Technical details can be read in the F-Secure blog post.

The SpyNote software is not generally new to the market, but comes in various forms. In January of this year, we heard about SpyNote.C version which researchers detected most frequently in the latter half of 2022. It was determined that the Trojan can also read the content of SMS messages, record videos without the user's knowledge, read passwords to social media platforms, and even track the device's location thanks to the GPS module in the phone.

Android users, being aware of the threats that exist, must pay particular attention to all safety rules. We primarily recommend using trusted software sources, not clicking on suspicious links, and being careful about notifications suggesting the need to install software updates. It is worth checking if the message could be authentic. Keeping Android up-to-date is indeed one of the key elements for maintaining security and system resilience against other attacks.

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