LifestyleSpring's hottest trends: from block heels to stilettos, the shape of fashion is changing

Spring's hottest trends: from block heels to stilettos, the shape of fashion is changing

Fashionable high-heeled shoes.
Fashionable high-heeled shoes.
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4:13 AM EST, February 1, 2024, updated: 4:34 AM EST, March 7, 2024

Did you know that wearing heels can help burn calories? Or that they can strengthen leg muscles, including the kegel muscles? This staple footwear, in use for centuries, has practical benefits and boasts a fascinating history.

The Brief History of Heels

The initial use of heels can be traced back to antiquity in the Middle East when they were part of men's riding boots. Some suggest stilettos originated in Egypt to protect against animal attacks. The first woman to popularize heeled shoes was Catherine de Medici. In the Victorian era, heels became synonymous with elegance. Today, stilettos and column heels are common in our wardrobes, accented with both casual and stylish outfits. Let's explore the types of heels we'll be strutting in this spring.

Block and Square Heels

Block heels are a fashion craze this season; they are stylish, sturdy, and incredibly comfortable. Unlike stilettos, shoes with a wide column distribute body weight evenly, reducing pressure on the front of the foot. A wide variety of vibrant colored sandals and pumps are available in this design. Opt for less common shades like yellow, juicy green, or lavender. Similar to a column, block heels are lower, and their form resembles a square more than a rectangle.

Spherical Heels

Also known as 'ducky', spherical heels are not very high and visually appear even lower due to the rounded heel shape. Go for elegant pumps made from high-quality materials, such as genuine smooth leather or synthetic leather. Pastel shoes would be an excellent choice. They are versatile, subtle, and look beautiful. Interestingly, some designers, like Jacquemus, have gone a step further, showcasing not only spherical heels but also circular ones on runways and social media!

Classic Stiletto Pumps

These are classic stilettos of varying heights, suitable for any event. Typically about 1.2 inches high, some models can have several inches high heels. They are characterized by a closed toe or a cut-out at the front. Walking in them might require practice. If comfort is a priority, opt for lower heels. Stilettos pair well with a dress or pencil skirt, or even a shirt and jeans. The choice largely depends on the material and color.

Trapezoidal Heels

At first glance, these resemble column-heeled shoes. Upon closer inspection, you'll notice the chunky heel widens downwards, forming a trapezoid. Sandals of this shape were a hit in the 1970s and are making a comeback today. They look stylish and pair perfectly with tailored trousers and oversized blazers. This shoe model is a must-have for any trendsetter. On warmer days, opt for slippers with trapezoidal heels, perfect for dresses. Almond-toe velvet pumps are also a chic choice.

Funnel-Shaped Heels

A final suggestion for spring footwear is funnel-shaped heels. They're broader at the top, narrow in the middle, and widen again at the bottom. A smaller funnel gives a daintier look, while a larger one is fit for bolder styles. This spring, consider beige pumps - either matte or patent. For parties, glittery shoes will be a hit. Black or white sandals with a funnel heel will pair beautifully with denim flares. For a unified look, wear a denim shirt in the same shade as the trousers.

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