LifestyleSpring gardening surprise: Why mowing your lawn first could be a colossal mistake

Spring gardening surprise: Why mowing your lawn first could be a colossal mistake

How to take care of the lawn after winter?
How to take care of the lawn after winter?
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11:15 AM EST, January 27, 2024

So, how should we maintain our lawns in the early spring? You might think mowing the lawn should be the first step, but this is the biggest mistake one can make. We recommend a systematic approach for an even more eye-catching outcome.

Maintaining your lawn after winter

Most of us dream of having a lush, thick lawn that serves as our garden's heart and soul. But to achieve this, quite a bit of effort must be put in beforehand.

The primary step is to determine if our grass has suffered any damage over winter. If it has, the losses need to be addressed promptly. First, we must prepare the soil using a rake, then distribute the seeds and loosely cover them with soil.

For the following two weeks, one should water the seeds at least once daily. When new grass starts sprouting, fortify it with some fertilizer to encourage growth.

When should we mow the grass after winter?

We should not hurry to mow the lawn after winter. Mowing too soon may lead to a situation where our grass roots haven’t fully developed, leaving them prone to damage and impacting the overall aesthetics of our garden in the long term.

It's wise to make sure that a heavy layer of snow won't unexpectedly cover the freshly mowed grass, as it could be detrimental. Therefore, many advise that lawn maintenance should ideally commence between late March and early April.

We should also be careful about not cutting the grass too short. Give the lawn time to rejuvenate after its winter ordeal. It is best to let the grass grow to about 3.15 inches tall before the first mowing. While trimming, avoid making very sharp cuts. Gradual and regular trimming is the way to go.

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