LifestyleSpring cleaning: Purge your home of clutter for peace of mind and regained space

Spring cleaning: Purge your home of clutter for peace of mind and regained space

The fewer unnecessary items in the house, the better.
The fewer unnecessary items in the house, the better.
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1:40 PM EST, February 5, 2024, updated: 4:15 AM EST, March 7, 2024

The famous "spring cleaning" is a tradition in numerous homes. We thoroughly clean our houses to mark the end of the prolonged winter and greet the sunnier period of the year with regenerated energy. However, aside from washing windows or dusting carpets, it's also worth ridding the apartment of unnecessary belongings.

Spring Cleaning: What to Discard?

In our homes, we accumulate a multitude of objects that are either no longer usable or have long proven to be unnecessary. Stashing them in corners is a surefire way to clutter your space, making it difficult to maintain order and frequently disrupting your ability to unwind in comfortable conditions. How to avoid this?

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Prepare two large containers or sturdy garbage bags. As you comb through your collections, place items you no longer need but can donate into one. Into the other goes broken and completely superfluous items. We suggest what can be safely disposed of.

Old newspapers, flyers, bills

A number of people tend to file these items away for later. However, consider whether they will truly prove useful someday. Magazines (unless they're collector's editions or sentimental), advertising leaflets, or long-paid bills can be safely discarded into the recycling box. This will create more space and reduce dust.

Expired cosmetics

This includes not only cosmetics that you do not use. Spring is an ideal time to inspect your entire beauty product collection, and perhaps modify some habits. It's a good idea to note down the opening date on such items and adhere to manufacturers' guidelines. Most products are not fit to use after 3, 6, or 12 months from initial use. After this period, they may even pose hazards.

Damaged underwear and other clothing

People are divided into two categories - those who immediately discard torn socks or underwear, and those who tend to postpone this task for "later". However, the reality is that "later" seldom comes. If a piece of clothing cannot be salvaged, it ought to be disposed of. In doing so, you will free up space in the closet, which will surely benefit from a better usage.

Decorations worn out by the passing of time

Decorations and knick-knacks have a unique way of creating the atmosphere of a place and, in a way, structure space. We become accustomed to them rapidly. For instance, it might become hard to imagine a shelf without a specific photo frame or vase. However, it could be worth examining such objects critically. If something has aged ungracefully, perhaps it's time to let it go?

Useless equipment

This category usually ends up in drawers that haven't been opened for years. Obsolete device cables, broken remote controls, damaged headphones, and the list continues. If they're no longer functional and can't be repaired, there's only one route to take—electronic waste.

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