LifestyleSpring 2024 manicure trends: Anne Hathaway showcases 'alien nails' at Versace event

Spring 2024 manicure trends: Anne Hathaway showcases 'alien nails' at Versace event

What kind of nails does Anne Hathaway wear?
What kind of nails does Anne Hathaway wear?
Images source: © Getty Images | 2023 Anadolu Agency
2:47 PM EST, February 10, 2024

Trends touch significant aspects, from clothing and hairstyles to makeup and nails, each season brings in something fresh. Last year, colorful doodles were all the rage; this year, we're seeing a definitive push towards minimalism. The "clean girl aesthetic" natural manicure is breaking popularity records. However, nail stylists have taken a bold step further with "alien nails".

Are "Alien Nails" Spring 2024's New Hit?

How cosmic are "alien nails"? They certainly are very peculiar. This trend focuses on extending natural nails using clear gel, creating a transparent twist to the classic French. Anne Hathaway's nails seem to have an extra touch, with a chameleon top coat that shimmers in shades of pink and yellow.

When Tom Bachik posted a picture of Anne Hathaway's complete manicure on Instagram, there was an outpouring of admiration in the comments section. Could this be the next big thing? Its unusualness certainly won't be everyone's preference. However, it's undoubtedly an intriguing variation on the classic French manicure.

Unusual manicure at Anne Hathaway's
Unusual manicure at Anne Hathaway's© Instagram | Tom Bachik
Anne Hathaway, photo.
Anne Hathaway, photo.© Instagram
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