Tips&TricksSpot a cone on your Christmas tree? Beware of a potential praying mantis invasion

Spot a cone on your Christmas tree? Beware of a potential praying mantis invasion

Do you see that growth on the Christmas tree? Get rid of it as soon as possible.
Do you see that growth on the Christmas tree? Get rid of it as soon as possible.
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2:04 PM EST, December 12, 2023

The perennial question of artificial versus real arises. Both options have an equal share of opponents and supporters. However, their distinct aroma is one incontestable point in favor of real trees. Nothing quite compares to the smell of fresh spruce.

Considering buying a tree? Before settling on the perfect one, examine it carefully. If you come across a growth that bears resemblance to a cone on a branch or the trunk, return the tree to its spot, or better still, notify the seller. This growth might house up to 200 insect larvae.

Did you spot a growth on the tree? Do not bring it home under any circumstance

The Christmas tree is a central feature of Christmas. Adorning the tree is a significant event treasured by both children and adults. During the process of decorating a live tree, remember to inspect the tree. Should you notice spiders or small flies, do not be dumbfounded. Their presence is a completely normal phenomenon. However, there's one aspect you should be particularly cautious of - a growth the size of a walnut, which closely resembles a small pine cone.

This growth is not a cone, rather it's an insect nest, typically of praying mantises. These nests could harbor between 100 to 200 insect larvae which thrive and multiply in domestic conditions. Within days, you could be facing a praying mantis invasion. Does this imply that the infested tree is only good for the dumpster? Fortunately, it can be salvaged. All you need to do is snip off the branch where the growth is located and remove it from your home at the earliest.

Are you seeking the perfect Christmas tree?

Daydreaming of a lush, healthy Christmas tree? Inquire with the seller about when the tree was felled. Opt for a tree that was cut down only a few days ago. Just before you commit to buying, scrutinize the branches to ensure they're vivid green and flexible in structure. Look for any visible damage. Once purchased, immerse the trunk in water and wait for a minimum of an hour before installing it. Adequate hydration will prevent the tree from drying out or turning yellow.

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