NewsSpeculation swirls: Top Russian general possibly ousted amid Ukraine crisis

Speculation swirls: Top Russian general possibly ousted amid Ukraine crisis

Gen, Gerasimov with Putin
Gen, Gerasimov with Putin
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1:46 PM EDT, March 13, 2024
**War in Ukraine: The most important information in our live coverage**
In the government database of legal acts, there's a newly published project of a decision that requires consultation with the general staff. It's here that Gen. Poznikhir's signature appears, suggesting he is currently leading the institution. The circumstances hint that Gerasimov's unavailability might not be due to a temporary leave, as suggested by opposition journalists, considering such an absence would have likely concluded before the document’s content was settled upon.
Mozhem Ob'yasnit' pointed out that the most recent official reports of Gerasimov's activities date back to February 26, marking a noticeable gap since any public acknowledgment of his role.
**Not the first "dismissal" of Gerasimov**
Throughout the past year, amidst the Kremlin's ongoing invasion of Ukraine, there has been recurrent media speculation regarding Gerasimov's removal from his position, and there were even rumors about his death. However, Russian authorities have consistently denied these claims.
Gen. Poznikhir has been the First Deputy Chief of the Main Operational Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation since 2016. In February of this year, Vladimir Putin elevated him from the rank of lieutenant general to colonel general, as reported by the Ukrainian portal Focus.
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