LifestyleSpain sizzles in record December heatwave: A chilling sign of the climate crisis

Spain sizzles in record December heatwave: A chilling sign of the climate crisis

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3:37 PM EST, December 15, 2023

On Tuesday, December 12, masses of warm air reached the Iberian Peninsula. In part of Spain, temperatures nearly reached 86 degrees Fahrenheit - Malaga even noted 85.8°F.

That Tuesday became the warmest December day nationwide. The previous record was noted in 2010 in Granada and it was 84.9°F.

The warmth wasn't just about that Tuesday. In Malaga, December 10, 11, and 12 were the warmest days in the city's weather recording history. But it's not only Malaga. Extremely high temperatures - above 80.6, 82.4, and 84.2 degrees Fahrenheit - were observed in many other cities, particularly on the Mediterranean coast - notes

In Valencia, thermometers showed 80.6°F. This is a new temperature record for the city, beating the previous one by almost four degrees.

In some meteorological stations, the records surpassed the previous ones by a striking nine degrees Fahrenheit! This was the case in Malaga, among others.

Heatwave sweeps across Spain

December heatwaves are following a summer during which Spain was hit by record heatwaves four times. These phenomena are apparent symptoms of the climate crisis, driven by a rise in global temperatures, as reported by Reuters.

This is one of the warmest air masses that has reached Spain in December - noted Ruben del Campo, spokesperson for the national weather agency AEMET.

Vicente Solsona, a retired professor from Castellon, expressed alarm at the weather changes. He stated, "We are casually destroying everything. The problem is that there is no turning back," as quoted by "The Independent".

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