TechSpain escalates Ukraine support with advanced Patriot missile delivery

Spain escalates Ukraine support with advanced Patriot missile delivery

In the new package, the Ukrainian army will also receive missiles for Patriot air defense systems.
In the new package, the Ukrainian army will also receive missiles for Patriot air defense systems.
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7:31 AM EDT, April 27, 2024

Spain has announced the transfer of Patriot missiles to the Ukrainian army, which are expected to arrive within four days. This gesture marks just one facet of the comprehensive support Ukraine is set to receive from Spain.

The Spanish Ministry of Defense, under the leadership of Margarita Robles, communicated on Friday that it will be sending long-range Patriot missiles to support the Ukrainian military effort. Minister Robles discussed this significant aid during Friday's Ukraine Defense Contact Group video conference. Following the meeting, an official statement was released, revealing that Robles had shared this decision with the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, assuring him that the Patriot missiles would reach Ukrainian forces in under four days.

In addition to the missile support, Robles highlighted Spain's recent delivery of large-calibre artillery ammunition to Ukraine and announced plans for further shipments of 155 mm and 120 mm calibre ammunition in the near future.

Leopard tanks are also part of Spain's aid package to Ukraine. During the same meeting, Minister Robles confirmed that the delivery of more Leopard tanks is on track, with the first batch expected to be dispatched by the end of June. Moreover, by this time, Spain will have supplied Ukraine with other military equipment, including light and heavy machine guns, wheeled logistics vehicles, and armoured infantry transport vehicles. Ukraine is also set to receive anti-tank weapons and field artillery howitzers.

The Spanish defence ministry further indicated that the next phase of support would include a variety of anti-aircraft surveillance systems and drone defence remote control stations, all prepared by Spain's defence industry.

While Germany sought, Spain delivered

At the NATO summit in April, Germany announced its quest to secure more Patriot systems globally and its intention to finance these acquisitions. In bold solidarity, Spain stepped forward, offering its Patriots to support Ukraine.

The Patriot system, a mobile American air defence platform, can engage targets over 62 miles away with its 200-pound fragmentary warheads. These missiles are designed to destroy airborne targets at altitudes of up to 15 miles, with flight times ranging from 9 seconds to 3.5 minutes and speeds reaching 3 to 5 times the speed of sound (2,237 to 3,728 mph).

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