EntertainmentSon of Superman steps out: Will Reeve's tribute to his father's memory

Son of Superman steps out: Will Reeve's tribute to his father's memory

Will Reeve with dad Christopher
Will Reeve with dad Christopher
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10:01 AM EST, November 8, 2023

When he was just three years old, Will Reeve's dad, Christopher Reeve, the iconic Superman actor of the 80s, became paralyzed. Now, Will has matured into a man bearing a striking resemblance to his handsome father, looking as though he could don the cape himself. However, Will has chosen his own path.

Will Reeve is the only biological child of actors Dana and Christopher Reeve. He also has a stepsister and brother from his father's first marriage. Will does not recall the day his father suffered a catastrophic fall. The tragic accident occurred on May 27, 1995, during an equestrian competition in Virginia - when a horse tossed Christopher Reeve, resulting in a devastating spinal cord injury that led to his paralysis from the neck down. From that point on, Christopher spent his life in a wheelchair, dependent on a respirator.

"We never watched whales together. We never engaged in many of the typical father/son activities. No ball games, no driving lessons, no prom pictures, no campus visits, no father-son dinners in New York. Yet, throughout all these years, I felt your presence with me," wrote the now-grown son reflecting on Father's Day.

Will Reeve was just 12 when his father passed away. His mother succumbed to lung cancer two years later. Raised by his parents' friends, Will didn't develop the same passion for acting despite having minor roles in television movies during his childhood. Instead, he pursued journalism, working initially for ESPN, and now at ABC News. Almost everyone he meets tells him how visibly he resembles his father - to which he responds positively, appreciating the acknowledgment of Christopher Reeve's enduring legacy.

Will Reeve added, "It means they remember my dad. I'm flattered by it. My parents were both beautiful people, inside and out. And the fact that I physically, temperamentally, and philosophically remind people of them is, to me, a compliment."

Will, alongside his siblings Alexandra and Matthew, runs a foundation in their father's name. The foundation supports research on spinal cord injuries in an effort to restore motor function to individuals with paralysis.

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